Fragrance List

111- bergamot and mandarin blossom float in notes of lychee and peach. Rare Madonna Lily and warm amber make this a signature scent. An ode to The One by Dolce & Gabbana. 

Addiction- (Men’s Fragrance) A spicy, exotic men's fragrance with notes of saffron, leather, tobacco and vetiver and citrus top notes.

Aja- shower clean, romantic and sensual with white tea, bergamot, freesia, rose, jasmine, amber and musk. A staff favorite! 

Alluring for Men- (Men's Fragrance)

a classic, crisp and clean cologne with a smooth, slightly woodsy base and a citrus top note

Almond (single note)

Almond Milk- a smooth, creamy base with a hint of sweet and sensual almond. 

Amber (single note)

Amber Musk- warm, fresh amber with a fresh musk base. Unisex, a true classic! 

Ambre Blanc- white florals followed by the amazing dry down of sandalwood and amber.  Unisex an ode to White Amber by Creed. 

Amore- plush florals reside in marshmallow sugar, combining with smooth amber and musk. An oud to Killian’s Love don’t be shy.

Athena- white florals mingle with musk making this a perfect sexy everyday fragrance! 

Aqua- (Men’s Fragrance) sea salt, bright spicy middle notes, lush citrus softened by a soft woody musky base. An ode to Aqua di Gio for men. 

Aura- a youthful and refreshing fruity floral w/ citrus notes, white florals, lily, blond woods in a clean musk base.

Bali- sea air with orchard and a tropical floral blend, really special.

Bare- smells like soft, clean skin. Sexy warm undertones with fresh citrus/herbal top notes.

Beach Bum- captures summer at the beach in a bottle! Sand jasmine, sea spray and mandarin with a classic suntan lotion base!! An ode to Bobbi Browns Beach. 

Best Eden- a clean green floral, hints of white floral in a crisp clean base! 

Bergamot- crisp, fresh with a hint of orange, great in blends, and amazing for shower and massage.

Blood Orange- ripe, deliciously juicy orange..must smell!! 

Blonde Musk- unmistakeable! Quickly became a cult favorite.  Hints of amber and foud in the cleanest base.  Works with your pheromones to create a scent uniquely yours! A must have, must try, staff & customer favorite ! 


Bohemian- a scent that evokes woodsy notes mixed with clean musk- working with your body's own chemistry to make a scent that’s completely your own. An ode to Gypsy Water by Byredo.


Bois de Santhal- a woody aromatic fragrance that features sandalwood, cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber and iris. Unisex & exotic! An ode to Labo Santal 33!


Bonfire- Smoky embers mix with warm clean vanilla, evoking the perfect night by the fire. An ode to Replicas By the Fireplace. 


Bora Bora- a blend of tropical fruits & sensuous florals with a top note of juicy grapefruit and a smooth base note of musk.


Botanical Rose- an all natural essential oil blend of rose, the stem and dirt of roses growing in the garden, a wonderfully romantic fragrance.


C.E.O.- (Men's Fragrance) a men's cologne inspired by spices of the Middle East with cinnamon, saffron and woodsy notes. An ode to Hugo Boss. 


Cashmere- smooth sandalwood intertwines with warm vanilla and a hint of smoky tabacco. A staff favorite! 


Caribe- light and lingering blend of tropical scents of coconut, gardenia, fresh ocean air, escape to the islands!


Cedarwood (Essential Oils)


Charmed- top notes of Mandarin orange and grapefruit blended with soft, fresh freesia and jasmine. Crisp & clean. 


Chicane- (Men's Fragrance) an Aromatic Green fragrance for men with top notes of pineapple, juniper berries, lavender, neroli and lemon; sage and oakmoss round out this fragrance making it one of our top selling! Women love this scent on a man and some even wear it themselves! A true scentsational classic! 


China Musk- fresh yet warm and slightly powdery, a blend of musk, lime, rose, precious woods with a trace of vanilla, sandalwood and amber, a real classic!


China Rain- delicate lily of the valley, other spring flowers blended with an airy, slightly powdery base, created by us in 1980, a Huntington town staple & favorited by so many! 


Chinois- very similar to china musk but with a slightly warmer, deeper sexy base!


Cinnamon (single note)

Clean Cotton- Classic cotton flower with a hint of air, line dried white sheets.


Coconut (single note)


Coconut Dreams- deliciously summer! Coconut, vanilla and a hint of almond is always a favorite ! 


Crème Brulee- creamy vanilla, smooth, soft caramel surrounded in fresh air! Our most popular vanilla and a staff favorite! 


Cucumber (single note)


Cupcake- speaks for itself ! Fluffy white cake dripping in buttercream! Yummy and delicious!


D&G- exotic blend of basil, tangerine, jasmine, sandalwood and tobacco! An ode to Dolce & Gabbana .


Dolce- blackberry, vanilla and musk blended together in a  warm, rich, soft scent! An ode to Trish McEvoys #9


Dolce Sensual- blackberry, vanilla and soft musk with a warm hint of patchouli. Deliciously sexy. An ode to Trish McEvoys sexy #9


Dulce de Leche- a milky, clean and slightly sweet blend perfect for musk-wearers! 


Egyptian Lotus- one of our best sellers for years and years. A true fresh floral and green blend that is a classic!


Egyptian Musk- delicate, slightly sweet, sensual yet clean and smooth! A musk loved by so many! 


Etherea- a melange of fruits, in a sensuous, warm, unmistakable base. An ode to Theirry Muglers Angel.


Eucalyptus (Essential Oils)


Eventum- a hint fo pineapple and bergamot softly blends with a rich vanilla, oakmoss base.So special upon dry down. An ode to Creed Aventus.


Everest- the uplifting yet smooth scent of pine, amber, sandalwood with a touch of mandarin and soft fresh air! Unisex and perfect! 


Exclusivo-  rich fruits and exotic florals in a very sensual, warm vanilla bean base! Sexy and sophisticated! 


Frankincense- fresh, woodsy, resin notes with warm, sweet balsamic undertones


French Lavender (Essential Oils)


French Vanilla- a toasted vanilla and amber; warmer and a little sweeter than our original vanilla


Fuego- a spicy, woodsy vanilla blend that is slightly sweet and sensual! 


Gingerbread- just like your favorite seasonal cookie, buttery and rich with a slightly spicy ginger note.


Graceful- bergamot, musk, soft white flowers make this the perfect feminine scent. Clean and fresh. An ode to Philosophy’s Amazing Grace. 


Grapefruit (single note)


Green Fig- rich fig accented with cassis and green vines, fantastic!


Green Tea- smooth green tea, delicate floral & light fruit notes, unusual & feminine.


Highlands- oakmoss with rich green and floral notes blended to perfection. An ode to Green Irish tweed by Creed.


Honeyed Mimosa- softer, creamier version of Mimosa.


Jolie- a romantic, seductive scent w/ paperwhites, orchids, sultry woods, fresh mandarin & bergamot and lush lavender.


Juliette- “Ode to Juliette has a gun - not a perfume” An indescribably unique fragrance that defies the traditional. This exquisite scent features Ambrox, a modern and complex molecule, which interacts with your body’s natural chemistry to create a personalized and unforgettable aroma. “Juliette” becomes your very own, transforming into a distinct signature scent that is truly one of a kind.


Juicy- yummy fruit blend with a smooth peach base!


Kaila-intoxicating! Exotic island gardenias and a light fresh white floral base that lingers on and on. An ode to KAI.


Karma- clean,soft sandalwood with a hint of patchouli & pine in a crisp, powdery musk base.


Ladybug- a lush, effervescent floral scent perfect for every eclectic and spontaneous woman. It features top notes of red berries, mid notes of jasmine, and base notes of driftwood for a fruity yet floral feminine scent.


Lavender Vanilla- wonderful combination of French Lavender and Vanilla.


Leilani- hawaiian flowers in a fresh, transparent base, sexy and tropical. An ode to Child. 


Lemon (Essential Oils)


Lemonade- deliciously sweet and yummy!


Lemongrass Ginger- citrusy lemongrass surrounded by spicy ginger - like a day at the spa! 


Lemon Verbena (single note)


Lilac (Single Note Florals)


Linen Musk- smooth, soft and fresh, a classic musk. A good base with other scents and a hint of fresh clean laundry. 


Luscious- fruity,delicious and sexy. A citrus top note followed by juicy fruits.  Not too sweet just juicy and delicious.  An ode to Sexy Graffiti by Escada. 


Maho Bay-  the lingering scent of salt and coconut mixes perfectly with tropical floral. This scent transports you to your most favorite beach day. Lingering and delicious. An ode to Coco Moon by Beach Geeza


Mango (single note)


Maraschino- warm, smooth cherry blend with fresh vanilla and a musk base.


Marzipan- almond vanilla blend delightfully warm.


Matcha- Creamy fig mixes with a warm clean woodsy base, unique and unforgettable. An oud to the Matcha 26 Le Labo.


Maui Ginger-  this vibrant and uplifting fragrance combines notes of sparkling red ginger with sweet Hawaiian jasmine and a splash of sun-kissed citrus. Hints of amber and sandalwood balance the bright top notes by adding warmth and depth.


Michel- creamy florals of tuberose, freesia, peony, white ginger surrounded with exotic spices of incense, vetiver, and musk, warm an ode to the original Michael Kors.


Mimosa- sparkling, delicious blend of fruits including a citrus top note and soft, sweet undertones.


Molecule- a mysteriously soft and interesting blend evoking velvet cedar wood, a blend that is as unique as you smelling differently dependent on your body and its chemistry! An ode to Essentric Molecules Molecule #1.


Monte Carlo- perfect and well balanced fragrance with notes of sensual amber, fresh jasmine, and spicy saffron in a warm base of ambergris and cedarwood. Sure to be a classic! An ode to Baccarat Rouge 540. 


Muguet (Lily of the Valley) (single note)


Myrrh- slightly sweet with spicy, base from the biblical myrrh tree - very exotic, great in blends!


Nag Champa- aromatic incense with its sweet, yet earthy fragrance. Classic Indian incense.


Namaste-an all natural essential oil blend with bright and fresh Ylang Ylang.


Natural Insect Repellent- (Essential Oils) made of all natural essential oils that the bugs don't like! Really works.. smells naturally pleasant.


Orange (Essential Oils)


Orinoco- crisp, clean, green, herbaceous, slightly woody- like soap on your skin after a shower! 


Oud Riche- a classic woodsy scent! Indian wood resin, warm aroma hints of smokiness, with a citron, bergamot and neroli fresh top note. 


Patchouli (Essential Oils)


Paz- a sparkling blend of floral and citrus in a woodsy musk base. An ode to Bonds Scent of Peace.


Peacock (Pikaki flower) (Single Note)


Peppermint (Essential Oils)


Pineapple (single note)


Plumeria (Single Note Floral)


Pomelo- an energizing melange of grapefruit and tangerine with warm and spicy notes of vetiver and rosemary.


Powder- Classic baby powder, perfect alone or a great addition to add a powdery note.


Pretty In Pink- a feminine scent with jasmine and soft white flowers topped with a delicate light fruit top note


Pura Vida- white tea, soft gardenia and a hint of clean air and coconut. Perfect for spring and summer! 


Rain- hauntingly light, fresh floral, with lily of the valley, lilac and more, a Scentsational classic! 


Rain Showers- Grassy green springtime floral.


Rio 62- hints of vanilla and salted caramel are unmistakable! An ode to Sol de Janieros Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62. 


Romantica- a soft and romantic floral blend with hints of musk and green notes. Ultra feminine. An ode to Ralph Lauren’s Romance. 


Rose (Single Note Florals)


Rosemary (Essential Oils)


Ruby Grapefruit (single note) 


Sage- cool, green, herbaceous, a little earthy, very distinctive!


Savannah- delicate bouquet of white flowers, jasmine, honeysuckle, gardenia, muguet, violet leaves, white sandalwood and neroli.


Seagrass- beachy,clean air and ocean spray with a super crisp citron scent, the base has a rich woodsy, sage, and bark.. so wonderful! An ode to Jo Malone Sea Salt and Sage.


Second Date- a hint of tropical florals, soft vanilla and warm woodsy base.


Serendipity- a seductive combination of various vanilla fragrances with a smooth caramel base.


Sheer- soft, slightly sweet and powdery. A classic musk perfect alone or as the base to just about any fragrance ! 


Smoky Citrine- beautiful blend of bright and fresh bergamot and balsam, hints of lily and magnolia and finishes with warm and sensual amber, oakmoss and vetiver. Great for Men or Women!


Sol Blanc- pistachio, pink pepper, and bergamot intertwine in a base of coconut and amber- tropical florals round out this perfect scent reminiscent of sultry summer days. An ode to Tom Fords Soleil Blanc.


Spring Musk- Lily of the valley mingles with clean green florals in a smooth musk base. 


Sphinx- the unique blend of our cleanest musk and our warmest musk. A unique blend providing an amazing base for any fragrance.


Spun Sugar- a delicious medley of exuberant fruits and cotton candy--like dessert for your nose. An ode to Pink Sugar.


Spring Tango- a sweet, ozoney jasmine blend that is tropical and uplifting


Strawberry-(single note)


Sugar Cookie- absolutely decadently divine! Warm, rich buttery vanilla scent- think CAKE BATTER! 


Summer Musk- a crisp musk base layered with warm vanilla, smooth coconut and a fresh,sweet touch of blood orange. A staff favorite! 


Sunshower- a fresh and green, grassy blend with a touch of sweet, pure floral


Sunstar- crisp burst of beautiful blood orange with a delicate, warm ending. Light and clean yet sexy!!


Sweet Musk- soft, feminine subtly sweet and fruity a perfect “sweet musk”.


Tahitian Lily- sweet, delicate lilies in an airy fresh base, very lingering, sensual! A long time favorite! 


Tea Rose -(Single Note Florals)


Thai Lime Leaf- an alluring blend of fresh limes and zesty mandarins with aromatic white thyme and an undercurrent of peppery basil.


Tuberose (Single Note Florals)


Vanilla creamy sweet vanilla bean enhanced with traces of musk.


Vanilla Musk- warm, soft, slightly sweet with delicate woody undertones! A unisex masterpiece! 


Vanouli- exotic, warm spice and woods combined with soft vanilla, outstanding, sensuous and a true classic!


Velvet Woods- an all natural essential oil blend using cedarwood and musk, great for men and women!


Vintage Musk- the smell of a freshly laundered shirt, soft yet lingering!


Violet (Single Note Florals)


Watermelon Sugar Pie- Delicious juicy watermelon, perfectly ripe and sweet.


Willow- a rich fruity floral with notes of fig and clean floral. Unique and noticeable! 


Ylang Ylang-(Single Note Florals)

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